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    "It is important for our country to debate immigration policies. But any meaningful discussion or policy must address the root causes of migration. This includes "free trade" policies that have devastated the rural economies of Latin America, leading to millions losing their livelihoods and the doubling of undocumented immigrants from Mexico since NAFTA. Any serious approach to the immigration issues requires that the U.S. change its broken trade policy. Trade policy should improve standards of living, not cause a jump in poverty and desperate migration. I urge you to oppose the proposed U.S.-Peru, U.S.-Panama and U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreements and any further expansion of the NAFTA model, with its well-documented record of economic damage and dislocation here and abroad."
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    Safety Survey Results

    The AWPPW staffed a booth at the annual safety conference and asked folks to fill out an anonymous survey about safety where they work.  There were 142 people who participated in the survey and the totals are listed under each category of the questions asked.

    AWPPW Local 675 Members 94% Rejection of WestRock Labor Offer

    AWPPW Local 675 Members 94% Rejection of WestRock Labor Offer COVINGTON, Va., October 25, 2017 AWPPW Local 675 and WestRock will be returning to the bargaining table November 6 and 7 to resume negotiations after union members rejected the Company’s initial offer for a new Labor Agreement by 94%. Major items cited by the Union as causes for the overwhelming rejection by the membership include proposed seniority changes, increased medical cost, elimination of premium pay provisions and maintenance redesign. AWPPW Local President Bob Booth says “While the WestRock Covington mill consistently produces huge profits every year, WestRock refuses to treat the workforce fairly. No matter how dedicated and hardworking we all are and no matter how much money we make for WestRock the company wants concessions”. The Union and Company have been engaged in negotiations for the last 24 months and extended the existing agreement for one year in December 2015. The Covington mill produces bleached packaging papers for the tobacco and food industries. The AWPPW is affiliated with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters union. Don Draeger AWPPW Representative ph. 503-551-3915 ddraeger@awppw.org SOURCE AWPPW Related Links http://www.awppw.org

    Renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) formally begins this August 16 - RSVP to the Portland Town Hall

    Renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) formally begins this August 16. After seeing so many pro-NAFTA corporate lobbyists invited to testify at the NAFTA hearings held in Washington, DC, our friends at the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign decided to organize a Portland town hall with working people, immigrant rights advocates, environmentalists and others. Portland Town Hall on 23 Years of NAFTA Thursday, August 10 • 7:30pm AFSCME Council 75 6025 E Burnside St • Portland, OR Contact: Russell Lum, russell@oregonfairtrade.org Speakers include Greg Palleson from the Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers, Victor Weekes from BCTGM Local 364, Kevin Oakley from Teamsters Local 305, and Julia DeGraw from Food & Water Watch. To attend, please RSVP here. In Solidarity, The Replace NAFTA Team

    An inside look at how Koch Industries does business

    An inside look at how Koch Industries does business By Christopher Leonard July 1 One of the automation investments at the Georgia Pacific cellulose mill are bar codes that track innovatory and allow forklift drivers in the 87,000-square-foot warehouse to load specific rolls into the correct shipping container. (Stephen B.


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